Frequently Asked Questions

How many years of experience does NTS have?

We've been servicing the Bend area since 2000, providing 23 years of experience to the community to each new and reoccurring partner.

Im split between two (or more) styles, how can I decide the right one before installation?

Sometimes finding the perfect surface is hard. Swing by our showroom or reach out to us to discuss the options you're considering and we'll work together to pick the right one.

Can I afford new stone countertops?

We know staying within an allocated budget can be challenging.  We can guide you through the process by being conscious about the type of stone, using affordable brand partners and working with the layout for best use of the materials needed for your countertops.

We can also utilize our Square Foot Pricing Program to help with managing costs. Providing you with the price for the full scope of the project can also be more helpful than you'd think for avoiding surprise costs later. While most countertop fabricators can offer a price for your counters, we go the extra mile in helping you with the extras like removing the existing counters, replacing a backsplash and even exploring the costs for new plumbing fixtures and installation of those items.

While quartz and natural stone can be very similar in pricing - mostly because they both offer low costs stones all the way up to beautiful and exotic high priced offerings, you can expect to see the total square foot prices run between $65 and $125 on average.

What do I do if I don't really know what countertop color I want and find the process overwhelming?

If you're feeling Design and Decision Fatigue, we're here to help!  The abundance of design choices for countertops, cabinets, appliances, fixtures, and other elements can lead to decision fatigue and uncertainty. Finalizing design decisions can lead to delays in the project.

Our staff will listen to your desires and point you in the right direction. For instance, we can help with the latest offerings and most reliable kitchen faucets. We regularly discuss the best design features and what we've come to appreciate. Do you know if you'd like a farmhouse sink? Perhaps a sink with a low divide so that you can enjoy a large basin and partitioned sink all in one. We're experienced in the process.  

Ultimately, we believe you know what you like and what you don't like. With a little assistance we've helped thousands of customs find their perfect countertop.

How do I select my Contractor?

Finding reliable and skilled contractors, designers, and vendors can be difficult. Subpar professionals may lead to project delays, poor workmanship, and communication issues.

Listen, we all know remodeling isn't perfect but we work to minimize those issues. It's our belief that a good contractor knows the products being installed, knows the processes, can communicate well by answering their phone and can schedule projects so that minimal downtime is needed.

Don't forget to ask your friends and neighbors - you may be surprised how many will recommend Bend's #1 countertop shop - Nelson Tile and Stone.