Remodel Demolition

Remodel Demolition

About Remodel Demolition

Every remodel requires demolition, but often times this is the most overlooked phase of the project. Successful demolition prevents damage, properly preps surfaces for new materials, and identifies any potential light construction or plumbing needs.

We work with our in-house demo team, Swift Dustless Demo, to provide the best in class demo service for your project.

Our Process for Remodel Demolition

Swift Demo Remodel Crew

Demo needs and pricing will be assessed and quoted out when designing your project, keeping everything under one roof and transparent.

Remodel Demolition FAQs

Do I need to remove my personal items prior to demolition?

Yes, we do require you to remove any of your personal items off or out of the area prior to demolition. If not, they could become damaged or prevent us from performing your demolition on schedule.

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