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Horse Ranch Makeover in East Bend

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Jennifer Gooding
Design Style
Kitchen & Bath
Multi-Room Remodel
East Bend, OR

A stunning kitchen & bath transformation

Nestled east of Bend, the tranquility of this horse-ranch property served as the canvas for a remarkable transformation, orchestrated by Nelson Tile and Stone in collaboration with designer Jennifer Gooding. This comprehensive kitchen and bath remodel unveiled the hidden potential of a space ripe for renewal. The initial plan to replace dated countertops soon blossomed into a full-scale project, revealing the need for a more drastic overhaul. The existing cabinets, having succumbed to time, were unable to host the modern features their contemporary counterparts offered. With a nod to practicality and style, the new design seamlessly incorporated a quartz countertop that doubled as a backsplash, adorned with a minimalist ledge for those kitchen essentials.

The kitchen, once confined by dated aesthetics, now basks in the embrace of sleek new cabinets that deftly conceal the marvels of modernity, such as a mini-fridge and an undercounter microwave within the island. This strategic remodel was not just about enhancing functionality; it was about preserving the home's character while elevating its convenience to new heights. The transformation went beyond the kitchen, with Nelson Tile and Stone extending their expertise to reinvigorate both the master and guest bathrooms, ensuring a continuity of style and elegance throughout the home.

The hearth of the home, the fireplace, was reimagined with a careful eye for detail. A marble mosaic tile surround, set against the backdrop of gold-toned grout, became the focal point of the living space, exuding a warmth that complements the property's rustic charm. The result was nothing short of stunning, a testament to Nelson Tile and Stone's commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail. This remodel was not just a renovation; it was a renaissance of home comfort and style, proving that even the most traditional spaces could find new life with the right touch.

(Before) Fireplace

Materials Breakdown


  • Locally made cabinets
  • MSI Alabaster White Quartz countertops
  • White Zellige Subway tile
  • Moen fixtures in gold tones
(After) Fireplace

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